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What You Need To Know About Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance is a wonderful way to help combat some of the costs associated with various health care needs. Unfortunately, though, there is often a lot of misunderstanding and confusion surrounding Medicare, and it is important to educate yourself on how this special insurance works and who it is designed for. In general, Medicare is for people who are at least 65 years of age. However, in certain circumstances, others may be able to qualify for Medicare, typically if they have certain disabilities or are suffering from end-stage renal disease.

It is also important to note that there are four different types or categories of coverage, each covering different types of health care costs. Some people qualify for more than one type of coverage while others will only qualify for one type. In addition to being clear on which type(s) of coverage you qualify for, you also need to understand a few basic facts about this specialty insurance in order to make the most of it.

Retirement and Medicare

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make concerning Medicare is thinking that, just because they retire, they will be eligible for Medicare insurance. This is not necessarily the case. As mentioned, unless a person is disabled, he or she must be at least 65 to receive Medicare assistance, regardless of retirement status. Thus, if you choose to retire at 62, you will not be eligible for Medicare insurance, in most cases, for another three years.

Spouses and Children

Another common misconception that people have is that if they receive Medicare insurance, their benefits will automatically pass down to any dependent children they may have and to their spouses. This is not necessarily true; in most cases, in order to receive Medicare coverage, each person must qualify for it on an individual basis. There are some exceptions, especially when a person is receiving Medicare for end-stage renal disease, but in general, coverage does not automatically extend to spouses and children, whether they are dependent or not.

Applying for Medicare

Once you understand the basics of how Medicare works, you will be a lot more prepared for the application process and are less likely to be disappointed with the coverage that you get. Thus, educate yourself as much as possible and ask questions of your local Medicare office before going through the application process. This will make the process much easier and lead to a more positive experience with Medicare. For more information, contact insurance companies like Veltkamp Agency Inc.