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The Purposes of Subscribing to One of the Available Medigap Plans

When you have access to Medicare insurance, you might assume that it will cover a majority of your healthcare expenses. You also may believe that every doctor and hospital in your city must take your Medicare coverage. 

However, this coverage can actually leave you wanting for many of the healthcare services that you need and largely might take for granted. Instead of forgoing them during your retirement, you can take out one of the available Medigap plans to supplement your regular Medicare insurance. Here's why.

Access to a Wider Network

When you subscribe to one of the Medigap plans, you may get access to a wider network of medical services. You may need to see specialists for conditions like diabetes or heart disease, for example. Your regular Medicare coverage might limit your access to these specialists or may fail to pay for them entirely. You, then, would be left to cover appointments for seeing specialists out of your own pocket.

However, Medigap plans may widen the network of healthcare providers that you have access to and allow you to visit heart specialists, endocrinologists, and other doctors regularly. You can get the medical care that you need to stay alive and well and avoid going into serious debt at the same time.

Help Covering Copayments

Medigap plans may also help lower the amount of money that you pay out on copayments. You might have to make copayments for each time that you go to the doctor. If you see your doctor often, you might end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars each year in copayments.

Rather than take on that financial burden, you can take out one of the Medigap plans that will help pay some or all of your copayments. You can see your doctor as often as necessary and keep more money in your bank account.

Access to Prescription Services

Finally, Medigap plans may extend to covering prescription services that you need for safe health during your retirement. They may not only pay for medications, for example. They also might cover some or all of the costs associated with buying walkers, canes, blood pressure cuffs, and other medical equipment that you may need to use. 

Medigap plans can be an important part of using Medicare insurance. They may widen the network of healthcare providers to which you have access. They also might lower your copayment costs and likewise cover some or all of the costs of your prescription medications and equipment.