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The Benefits Of A Medicare Advantage Plan

Will you soon be eligible to apply for Medicare for the first time? You might have a general idea of what Medicare is but there are a number of things you'll want to look into before you select your first plan. One of the most common surprises for people new to Medicare is when they find out there are multiple options out there when it comes to selecting a plan or policy that goes far beyond what is offered by Original Medicare. Here's some more information about Medicare Advantage plans and why you might want to select it over Original Medicare.

You Still Have the Basics

A Medicare Advantage plan purchased from a private insurance company will not leave you hanging. Exact terms may vary depending on your choices, but in general, a Medicare Advantage plan will cover the basics or essentials that people have come to associate with Medicare. Things covered by Original Medicare such as your doctor visits or a hospital bill will still be covered under an Advantage plan.

You'll Get Additional Coverage Too

An Advantage plan may be well, advantageous for someone who is looking for additional coverage that Original Medicare does not provide. For example, perhaps you have issues with your vision or your hearing and you want to make sure you have a plan that will cover your eye exam or your next hearing aid. Medicare Advantage plans typically cover vision, hearing and dental coverage.

Prescription Drug Coverage

If you take a number of prescription drugs, you might need to look into coverage just for this. Some Original Medicare plan patients may have to purchase an additional standalone plan for some medications. With Medicare Advantage, this coverage might be included with no additional plan needed. This might save you money on insurance premiums month after month.

See the Doctor You Want

While there may be some exceptions from plan to plan, you can in general be more flexible about choosing your doctors or specialists with a Medicare Advantage plan. Original Medicare may require you to get a referral from a primary care doctor before you could go and see a specialist for example, but it's possible to find an Advantage plan where no referral is needed.

Looking at other Medicare Senior Options beyond Original Medicare can provide you with more comprehensive coverage and provide more flexibility for your healthcare choices. Reach out to a provider of Medicare coverage to begin discussing your options.